The Socratic Method

Module 7: Know Who To Ask Session Number: 48

Session Title: The Socratic Method

Session Overview:

The Socratic Method provides a way to educate people by asking questions that challenge the way we think. Done well, it engages the audience and creates an interesting dialogue. 

During this session, you will learn:

  • What the Socratic method is 
  • How to use the Socratic method in sales
  • Examples of the Socratic method

Training principle: 

Asking questions engages people in the process by creating deeper dialogue, and it will create a memorable process for your prospects. 

Step 1: Use the “Tell me more” question to further understand.

Start by working to discover why your prospect is happy with their current provider. Ask about the things they do well and the things they like about the current provider. From there, you can acknowledge that no one is perfect, and ask about the things that your prospect doesn’t love about the current provider. 

Instead of launching into your own features and benefits, you can use this method to start a discussion about your own offerings. 

Step 2: Work to understand how this challenge is affecting the business.

Is failure to address the buyer’s challenges impacting the business or causing the prospect to lose business? 

Realize that the buyer won’t immediately reveal the entire truth. It will take time and conversations to uncover the whole truth. Questions will help move this conversation forward. He will be more likely to reveal these things to you once he knows you better. 

Tasks to Implement:

If you ask the right questions, you can trigger your prospect to reveal key information that will help you build value. Your goal is to create reasonable doubt and help your prospect break away from the status quo.

Session Recap:

When you successfully create reasonable doubt by asking discovery questions, you’ll move your prospect farther through the sales process and you’ll build value in your goods or services. The Socratic method will engage your prospect in the process and will help you discover the answers to important questions.