Knowing WHAT to listen For And WHY

Module 8: Difficult Conversations Session Number: 53

Session Title: Knowing What To Listen For and Why

Session Overview:

You must ask questions with a purpose rather than asking questions just for the sake of asking them. Don’t ask random questions. Make sure that your questions have a purpose. 

During this session, you will learn:

  • Asking questions with a purpose
  • Knowing where you want to take the conversation and why
  • An example of knowing what to listen for 

Training principle: 

Random questions won’t help you move your prospect through the sales process. Strategic questions will help you gather information that will allow you to build value that will move your prospect further toward a close. 

Step 1: Choose questions that will reveal any objections your prospect might have.

Asking your prospects about their current vendors may help you determine whether that vendor is a sacred cow that no one wants to break ranks with. It may also help you understand if there are weak spots in their current vendor’s performance that you can use to differentiate yourself. 

Step 2: Listen for key things that will help you build value. 

You must have a purpose behind your questions in order to know what to listen for. If, for example, you ask about the number of people who will make the decision, you should be listening to the challenges those people are looking to solve. 

You can tailor your responses with an ear to the problems they need to solve. 

Tasks to Implement:

Everything must have a purpose, and that purpose is to help you gather information that will move your prospect beyond his objections. 

Session Recap:

Instead of asking questions simply for the sake of asking them, choose questions that will help you understand your prospect’s challenges and that will help you move him beyond the status quo.

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