Video Email Software Recommendation

Module: Email Prospecting                    Session Number:  29


Session Title:  Video Email Software Recommendation

Session Overview: Videos are powerful and they work. More tools continue to emerge that enable sellers to engage with their audiences. The problem is that too many people overthink video and they convince themselves not to use video for fear that they won’t look or sound good. 

Training Principle: Realize that videos work. Stop worrying about the naysayers and try your hand at creating a video. Test it to see what kind of results you’ll get. 

 During this session you learned the following:

  • Different video email providers
  • Which platforms I use and recommend
  • Podcast episodes with some of the providers

Step 1: Check out BombBomb. We’ve discussed BombBomb on the podcast because it’s a powerful tool that works with Gmail as well as Outlook. The tool allows you to record videos and share them later. 

You can also create templated videos about your product. If you deal with FAQs from your prospects, you can create videos that address those questions. You can insert videos into your emails and record live videos. 

Step 2: Loom offers a free version and a paid version. We’ve discussed Loom on the podcast. 

Step 3: The guys from Covideo have come on the podcast as well. They offer different tools for different industries and they offer a dedicated landing page that prospects can access to find links to different offerings. If you have a demonstration your prospects can watch or a video that connects to a solution on your website, they can access it there. 

Hubspot reports that video improves click-through rates, and that 72 percent of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. Additionally, viewers retain 95 percent of your messaging when they encounter it in a video rather than reading text. 

Step 4: We’ve discussed Wistia SoapBox on the podcast as a company that competes with YouTube and Vimeo. Wistia has a platform that allows users to track analytics behind the video as well as user interaction. They have a plugin called SoapBox that allows you to do screen shares. 

Step 5: Hubspot introduced its free plugin Vidyard that allows you to record video and embed it directly into your emails.  

Tasks to Implement: Acknowledge that the emergence of new video tools indicates the popularity of video. People want to interact with videos. Talk to your prospects with video the same way you would talk to them in person. You don’t need perfect lighting or professional equipment. Your video will stand out from everything else. Download one of these tools and try it. 

 Session Recap: Be first. Be an industry leader who uses video to connect with your prospects. Video is a proven tool to share information with your audience and to personalize your communications. Overcome your fear of video and try it to see how well it performs.  


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