Tasks Recap

Module:    Prospecting Like an Evangelist                                  Session Number: 9

Session Title: Tasks Recap

Session Overview: Before moving forward with the next module, the goal of this training is to establish processes and steps that you’ll carry forward into your sales career.  

Training Principle

Make sure that you understand each of the following concepts and that you’ve taken the steps to implement these into your sales process.

Step 1:

Create an “Ideal Customer Profile.” Even if your company already has one, check the data to see if the people your organization has identified are, in fact, the best prospects.  

Step 2:

Understand the methods that are best for reaching your ideal customer. Whether it’s conferences, door-to-door, cold outreach, or referrals, every industry is different. Identify at least the top three methods you’ll use to reach out to your customer. Realize, too, that you won’t rely on a single method, but rather a combination of those methods.

Step 3:

Create your dream 100. Find those ideal customers. Identify which of the four methods you’d like to use to find your prospects and then put them to use to build your own list. Let me know, too, once you’ve built your list.

Step 4:

Identify your KPI’s. How will you measure your daily success? Will you focus on activities or outcomes or a combination of the two? Download the documents for your own use and let me know if you have any questions.

Session Recap: The strength of The Sales Evangelist Certified Sales Training Program is the fact that it helps you build habits and incorporate effective steps into your own sales process. Invest the time to complete these activities so you’ll get the most value possible from the training.