About Donald

Module: Getting Started                                   Session Number: 2

Session Title: About Donald

Session Overview:

I’ve worked in sales for about 15 years in positions ranging from server, to managed IT classes, to nursing home services, and software sales. I understand the pressure of carrying a quota. When I made the transition from B2C to B2B, I struggled, a lot. But I got some training that helped me a lot, and it helped me build great habits that helped me be more effective.

Training Principle

Our program is designed so that, instead of moving through it quickly, you’ll develop new habits that will help you develop lasting sales performance. In my own experience, I did the training and then I was able to ask questions of other people and learn from them on my way to becoming better. I saw hockey-stick improvement and in six months I was one of the top sellers.

Build effective habits that you practice every single day.