Developing An Understanding Of The True Challenge

Module 7: Know Who To Ask Session Number: 46

Session Title: Developing An Understanding of the True Challenge

Session Overview:

We have to understand the true problem before we can really move our sales process forward. We have to understand why the client needs goods or services, why he is considering a change, and why he is willing to spend money for that particular need. 

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the real challenge of your buyer
  • Why this is so important
  • How to do it effectively

Training principle: 

Once you understand your prospect’s motivation for engaging with your goods or services, you can better address their needs, concerns, and challenges. 

Step 1: Understand your prospect’s challenges.

Perhaps your prospect is unhappy with his current provider. Maybe he needs to bring down his costs. Maybe his customers are complaining about the existing provider. Explore the reasons behind his need to solve a problem. Work to understand what the underlying problem is that he’s facing.

Step 2: Focus your demonstration 

After you understand your prospect’s challenges, craft your presentation to address those specific challenges. You’ll create a much better opportunity to proceed with your process than if you stick to features and benefits. 

Many deals end early because the seller fails to address the buyer’s challenges and the buyer doesn’t understand the seller’s value.

Tasks to Implement:

Seize the opportunity to address the challenges your prospect faces. Research. Ask questions. Identify the obstacles that your prospect needs to overcome and then build value around those challenges. 

Session Recap:

When you build value around your prospect’s challenges and obstacles, you’ll increase the likelihood that you can move your sales process forward.

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