How Do I Craft A Powerful Cold Outreach Email?

During this session you will learn:

  1. How to craft effective emails
  2. Proper sales cold email structures
  3. Examples of great cold emails and the formula to create your own

Module:  Email Prospecting                    Session Number:  26

Session Title:  How Do I Craft a Powerful Cold Outreach Email?

Session Overview: This session will help you understand the concepts behind creating effective emails, but you do not have to use templates. Use these principles or recipes to create great emails. The components are most important; from there, you’ll figure out how to assemble them.

Training Principle: Your prospects will likely have crowded inboxes, so your job is to convince them to open the email and read what you have to say. Your email must do exactly what it promises and provide value to your prospect. Your emails don’t have to be structured in exact order. You simply have to make sure you include them all. 

 During this session you will learn:

  • How to craft effective emails
  • What proper sales cold email structures look like
  • The formula for great cold emails and how to create your own

Step 1: Realize that your emails must have three important components:

  • A clear subject line
  • A clear, single message
  • A single ask or request

Step 2: You must clearly explain who you are and what you want. This doesn’t mean the email should immediately begin with information about you. Your reader will see your identification in your signature block. In some cases, you’ll want to immediately provide the validation or credentials for your email. 

If you have helped specific customers or you have specific experience addressing the prospect’s particular challenge, mention it in the email. 

Step 3: Explain your irresistible value message to your prospect. If you can’t clearly state your irresistible value message in a single sentence, then craft that before you email your prospects. Don’t make your prospects think too hard about your offer. If they can’t understand it, they’ll move on to something else. 


  • “We can help you cut down your time prospecting by 50 percent so you can focus on real sales work.”
  • “We can help you get up to 10 percent conversion on your sales page in less than 2 weeks.”
  • “We can help you see 5 percent more patients without spending more on marketing.”
  • “We can help your sales reps increase their close by 10 to 20 percent in 2 to 3 months.” 

Step 4: Identity the next step your prospect should take. What is the single request you’re making of your prospect?

Here at The Sales Evangelist, we use this email to connect with prospects who might want to sponsor our podcast.

Tasks to Implement: This is not a magic template that will work for everyone. Rather, your goal is to use the components mentioned here to create emails that will help your prospects understand what you have to offer and how you can help.  

Session Recap: Don’t overcomplicate your emails. Strive to have a clear subject line, a simple message, and a single ask or request. Keep your message simple and personalize it to your prospect. Answer who you are and what problem you can solve. Then, give your prospects a clear next step. 

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