Five Why Question Example

Module 7: Know Who To Ask Session Number: 49

Session Title: Five Why Questions Example

Session Overview:

The Socratic Method combined with the 5 Whys will help you during the discovery phase of your process to build value for your process. You can use the information you gather to tailor your offerings.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to use the 5 Why Questioning Process
  • When to use the 5 Why Questioning Process
  • Example of how it is to be done

Training principle: 

As you build a business case and continue the process of gathering information, asking questions engages the prospect in the process. Using the 5 Why process allows you to dig deep to get to the true cause of the challenge.

Step 1: Ask your first Why question, like “Why are you interested in a CRM right now?”

Find out what has prompted the prospect to engage with you right now? Why is he willing to consider change right now? Most sales reps start right here?

Step 2: Follow up with a second Why question, based upon the answer to the first one. “Why did you agree to review our company?”

Your second Why question should seek to gather more information related to the first question. If the prospect engaged with you because he liked one of the features of your CRM, use that to move forward. 

Step 3: Develop a third Why question, based upon the answer to the second one. “Why did that feature catch your eye?”

Like the others before it, this question should help you drill down to the root cause. If the answer is that the prospect thought this feature could help his team, use that new information to develop your next question.  

Step 4: Pose a fourth Why question: “Why would this help your team?”

The prospect will ideally give you additional information that will help you identify the challenge his organization is facing. In this case, perhaps the challenge is that the current process is inefficient because it doesn’t track touches well. As a result, the team duplicates efforts because it isn’t using an up-to-date CRM.

Step 5: Ask a final Why question: “Why isn’t your CRM as up-to-date as it should be?”

By this point in the conversation, you should have gotten through the surface-level challenges to uncover the true source of the trouble that has brought your prospect to you. 

Tasks to Implement:

Many sellers stop well short of this point in the process and they miss the opportunity to really understand the pain point the prospect is facing. Take advantage of the chance to gather as much information as you can in order to build value for your prospects. You can even gather information about the actual cost to your prospect’s business and it will help you understand why he is motivated to act now. 

Session Recap:

As we discussed before, questions engage the prospect and build a framework for a meaningful conversation. They create memorable engagements and help you gather valuable information from your prospect.