Understanding Emotions And How To Use Them In Your Favor

Module 8: Difficult Conversations Session Number: 54

Session Title: Understanding Emotions And How to Use Them In Your Favor

Session Overview:

Emotions are an important part of the sales process and understanding their importance will help you in your efforts. 

During this session, you will learn:

  • What are motions and how to use it in your favor
  • Why emotions are so important when selling
  • How to build value with the questions you ask, the emotions the buyer gives off, and the story you tell.  

Training principle: 

Certain emotions are a normal part of the human experience, and if we can engage those emotions during our sales process, we can build value for the prospect and increase our odds of closing. Your prospects will make their decisions emotionally and then justify it logically. 

Step 1: Tell the story of a client in a similar situation. 

Use your past experience to relate to the prospect’s current challenge. Explain how you helped your previous prospects overcome these challenges. 

Step 2: Empathize. 

Help your prospects understand that you empathize with their struggle and their emotion. Don’t simply jump straight to your proposal. Recognize the power of emotion. 

Step 3: Build value. 

People have different reasons for making purchases. If you don’t understand those reasons or understand those emotions, you’ll struggle to succeed. It isn’t manipulative; it’s simply the emotional aspect of decision-making. 

Tasks to Implement:

If you fail to capture the emotions involved in the sale, your buyers will engage with another seller instead of you. Test the idea of using stories to build value for your prospect and let us know how it works. 

Session Recap:

People make decisions based in emotion and then they justify those decisions with logic. Recognize the role of emotion and use them to connect with your prospects and close more deals.