Assure the Sales

During this session you will learn:

  1. Why it is important not to assume and why this is important in sales
  2. How to ask for the business
  3. Examples of what you say to practice asking for the business

Module 11: Final Talks Session Number: 72

Session Title: Assure the Sale

Session Overview: Sellers who make assumptions during the sales process will often run into ambiguities and struggles because they failed to recognize issues that needed to be addressed. Many sales leaders teach sellers to assume the sale as a strategy to move forward.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important that you don’t assume the sale
  • How you should ask for the business
  • What to say to practice asking for the business

Training principle: 

Instead of assuming the sale, it’s more effective to assure the sale. It’s tempting, especially in situations where someone comes to us as a referral, we fail to assure the sale because we assume it’s a done deal. 

Step 1: Use the business case to guide the buyer through the sales process.  

At every step, address the challenges that your prospect is facing that require a solution. Take advantage of every opportunity to clarify the solutions you’re going to provide to your prospect. 

Step 2: Take advantage of next-steps to assure your prospect about what to expect next. 

Instead of leaving things open-ended, help your prospect know exactly what will happen at each step of the process. Don’t assume that he knows, and don’t leave him to assume what will happen next. 

Tasks to Implement:

When we assume the sale, we make decisions to skip steps and to overlook details of the sales process that we assume are taken care of. Assuming the sale may leave our prospect feeling uncertain because we won’t be as deliberate about moving him through the sales process. 

Assuring the sale requires us to take advantage of every opportunity to address challenges and discuss solutions. 

Session Recap:

Ambiguities in your sales process won’t help the buyer or the seller. In fact, deals often fall apart because of ambiguities and assumptions. Avoid the temptation to assume the sale by assuring your buyer at every step. 

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